HBR Article: “It’s time to blow up HR and build something new. Here’s How”

Harvard Business Review: It’s Time to BLOW UP HR And Build Something New

With this title, representing the necessity to re-think the approach in the HR, opens the prestige Harvard Business Review edition that helps us meditate about it.
We’ve heard about friends meetings ideas for big projects many times in many places, such as a friend garage or the bar.

It al converges in people with a common goal that one day decided to join their ideas and abilities to follow success. People that ahead from being united from their education, were also united by another common denominator more valuable, the affinity.

The RAE defines success as the Happy result of a business, act, etc. and in a second meaning as Good acceptance that someone or something has.

TeamFortify is the platform that breaks the traditional model of Human Resources to help success path being walked by people that have high affinity between them, trust and support each other, feeling involved, respected and valuable.

Harvard Business Review: It’s Time to BLOW UP HR And Build Something New
Harvard Business Review: It’s Time to BLOW UP HR And Build Something New

Having high affinity group members and complementary between them, is creating variety in people, and variated work teams is a great value for companies.

Synergies enrich the environment and allows the creativity and innovation to new paths, perspectives and even discovering new markets and clients. It promotes new points of view that allow ideas that one member has, stimulate others.

It is positive to create a affinity work model not only for people, but for the company, cause clients can feel it.

The affinity talents union, improves the performance, working environment, makes investigation easier and strengthening the feeling of belonging, improving efficiency and productivity.

It is so, that nowadays it is mandatory to set the target ahead the traditional archetypes but, not necessarily through the actual politics trends of human resources, embrace the innovation in this scope is an absolute necessity.

Lets follow the TeamFortify approach and build something new.