Creating Success Teams

Multiplies the teams success if there is true affinity between members.
TeamFortify is the analytic platform dedicated to make high performance teams by the affinity study between the team members, creating favorable conditions for cohesion, evolution and success.
In TeamFortify we work to select the best people for the best place.

Do you want to rise your teams success?

TeamFortify experience

Creating successful teams

Create new and successful human teams or modify existing ones to improve their capabilities and environment optimizing their composition.

Evaluation of Candidates

Check how the candidates will fit into your current or future teams. And all of a priori before hiring.

Digital Coaching

Power the talent of your team members by giving them the opportunity to develop new competencies through virtual itineraries that combine the analysis of the psychological typology with coaching techniques. The platform takes care of everything.

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How to build better teams?

About TeamFortify

Our team is made up by entrepreneur people, creative and innovative; versatile and resolutive. In our career, these skills are solidly reflected. In the face of our TeamFortify project, we are what we offer: a team made up of affinity people.
Each TeamFortify brings in a different value to the team:
  • Company building experience with different sectors background.
  • International baggage.
  • Consultancy in HR projects.
  • Management training and strategic management of people.
  • Software development and machine learning.
The TeamFortify team consists of talent management specialists, engineers and psychologists who have developed tools, algorithms and technological tools that allow the evaluation of multiple dimensions of the human factor to create the best teams, generating predictions of human behavior and adaptation of Candidates for posts.

Want to take advantage from Machine Learning and Big Data?

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TeamFortify solutions at South Summit & BBVA Opentalent

TeamFortify has participated in the joint event of the South Summit and BBVA Opentalent, the global platforms that bring together the key players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. TeamFortify has been able to share new approaches and solutions in the field of human resources for both management-recruiting and lifelong learning. More information? Contact now!

Harvard Business Review: It’s Time to BLOW UP HR And Build Something New

HBR Article: “It’s time to blow up HR and build something new. Here’s How”

With this title, representing the necessity to re-think the approach in the HR, opens the prestige Harvard Business Review edition that helps us meditate about it. We’ve heard about friends meetings ideas for big projects many times in many places, such as a friend garage or the bar. It al converges in people with a common goal that […]

TeamFortify on Social Networks

The TeamFortify team is not only launching the new website at we also start our presence in social networks like Twitter at and Facebook as Thanks for your likes!

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